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A FweshlyDipped Origin Story

Ahh childhood.. where greatness begins and dreams are made. Of course by greatness I mean these two pictured above. Based on this picture it is clear that Cevana and I (Quintin) have been some straight up hood hoppin' hooptie OG hoodrats that know how to play the game and get our woopwoop on any given Monday with an omelette and some cheese. In other words we're just some cool kids that like to go on adventures and have fun. Beyond that we enjoy clothes, that is to say we like to wear what we like to wear. This is all thanks to our mom who kept us from dressing like hot ass messes for a good portion of our lives.

Throughout our travels and experiences we've been building our own taste and style. Not to say it is better or 'cooler' than any one else's but it's a culmination of us and our experiences. I absolutely refuse to wear something just because it is what is hot at the moment.

When you move so frequently you finally get to a point where you just say "F*** it" and do you. So we got creative. You could say it's been a mixture of moving to LA and meeting some really incredible people, but all I know is LA has been a catalyst . The world really isn't as big as we are led to believe and anything is possible if you have the drive. We are here because we are doing what we love and that is what FweshlyDipped is about. Do what you love and get creative


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