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dipped [dipd] :

  1. To be Dressed nice; fashionable
  2. To be all in, committed to what you love to do 

Formed by sibling creative partners, Cev and Q, DIPPED® is a family owned business that was first imagined in 2010 and built brick by brick - day by day without any investors, previous industry experience or connections.

Starting from ground 0, DIPPED® has grown steadily over the years and is a reflection of Cev and Q’s experiences as young freelancers. Their gig to gig grind fostered a relentless passion which continues to inspire and be inspired by fellow creatives and entrepreneurs who push themselves to stay DIPPED. 

We started this journey and after years of continued effort, from vending at 100 degree swap meets, to international Dance Competitions we are grateful for all of the growth and support we have been given over the years.

Join us on our mission to 


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