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Creatives Being Creative.

It all started with an old point and shoot. We each got one and it was our first real digital camera that could record video. You could probably say that this was the start of our creative escapades in the video editing world. Cevana's would accompany her on adventures mostly recording a bunch of in the moment shots while mine had a unique focus on moments with my friends. We loved it.

After a bit Cev started getting into the editing bizz and with the help of expensive cutting edge technology (Windows Movie Maker and a Nikon point-and-shoot) the short video posted above came to be. In all of its low quality glory it was just the start of what was soon going to be one of our passions. After all, why not? We love music and we love life why not combine the two and have fun with it? That same camera went on to achieve a short but sweet career as a vehicle for motion capture during our exploits. Sadly enough that precious Nikon point and shoot met a tragic demise in an unspecified club somewhere in the Bay Area. It had died doing what it loved and will be missed greatly.

Although we lacked the greatest tools our passions were not diminished. Like they say; ingenuity is a product of problem (or something like that). With limited tools you can learn to be more effective and selective. Fast forward to today and it's safe to say we've come a long ways. Life is all about growth and progression and thanks to that we've been able to make some dope creations. For example:


The best part is that we are still growing and getting better. That's where the fun is. Embrace growth and get creative. Do what you love and have fun doing it.


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