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Good Morning Germany

I have got to say being in Germany has been pretty exciting. I've been hyped out of my mind from the things we've seen and we haven't even left the hotel yet. The time changes from Cali to East Coast and then East Coast to Europe have definitely been taking their toll. We're all pretty pooted. We got on our flight at 10:15 pm from Baltimore, flew for eight hours, and then ended up in Ramstein Germany at 11:45 am. Now tell me that ain't some intense time travelin'.

The weather has been pretty rainy since we got here but if you have ever been to the Bay in Cali during the winter months there's actually not much of a difference. Funny enough it might even be colder in the Bay. There is a Christmas market festival woopdeewoop going on in a little German town about 15 minutes from where we are so we're about to bust a mission and do some mo' exploring. We even cashed out and got some euros so we are pretty much European ballin' right now (see photo below).

PS. watching commercials in German is hilarious. FweshlyDipped heads to Milan, Italy tomorrow!

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