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FweshlyDipped Adventure Series Euro Recap: Germany

While that post title might be in the running for longest title of the year I just wanted to inform ya'll of what type of hardcore adventuring we have been up to during these past three weeks. We just made it back to the good old US and of A so we finally have the time (and internet) to fill you in on our European shenanigans.

Germany was our first stop on our European expedition. It was also our first taste of what to expect in Europe. By that I mean it was our initial foray into the world of Euros and language barriers. Language is a beautiful thing, that is until you are barraged by sounds that don't resemble anything you have heard before. It's like you know what the language is but you have absolutely no clue what is going on. The only thing that you can somewhat understand are the pretty pictures they have conveniently posted on or near various signs


That didn't stop Germany from being a super dope place. The people were very nice and they smiled even while trying to work with limited English. Cool people. Besides, once you try some hot wine/cider or even a Frikadelle (Germany's take on a burger) nothing else really matters. Germany has the best meat foods hands down. They even do cheeseburgers better... CHEESEBURGERS. The food is incredible. The meat just tastes better. Once you have a frikadelle from a butcher shop in Germany your life will be complete. Goulash soup is also another  Fweshlydipped favorite. We pretty much lived off of goulash while we were in Austria. It tastes a lot better than it sounds.

 Honestly we could see ourselves visiting Germany again.. Germany Adventure Series Episode dropping incredibly soon! Just wait to see what we have in store for our Milan, Rome, and Austria projects. It will blow your face off.


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