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FweshlyDipped Adventure Series Euro Recap: Swiss Cheese

We were finally about to head out of Germany. It had been a dope couple of days and Ramstein Air Force Base had been good to us, but it was exciting to finally get started on our Harry Potter train journeys. We wrapped up the morning by getting one last Freaky Deaky (Frikadelle) and made our way to the train station. 

I don't think a lot of Americans ride the railways in Europe. I say this mainly because no matter where we went or which train we hopped on, whenever we opened our mouths we were stared at with utter fascination. No one, and I mean no one, spoke English on these trains: If you really want to be thrown in the thick of it go on a Euro Rail train ride. It's rad. There is something awesome about being able to say what you want knowing people won't understand you. At the same time it makes every interaction a delicate dance of communication. FUN. Oh and the trains are all comfy as hell. They even had a trolley lady who came down and brought snacks and wine.

After a few transfers and almost getting completely lost at a random train station in Germany, we had finally made it to our stop. Our two and a half hour stop in

Switzerland to be exact


Everybody is fitted in Europe.Everybody. You would think it was New York. The teens were all wearing NY caps and LA snapbacks. They were in skinny jeans and rocking Nike's. Even the older crowd wore tight fitted clothing. Not a single goofy dressed tourist in sight. It was dope. For the first time since landing in Europe WE BELONGED. It was the closest I felt to home... and then we ate at a restaurant. Pro-tip: Don't ask for just water because you will get a cup of sparkling water which you will then have to pay 4 euro for. Most annoying part about Europe. Go to Europe and you will appreciate free water.

Our two hours were sadly up and we had to dip. Switzerland was good to us during our limited time with it but it was back onto the European railways and onward to our next destination: Milan, Italy. We weren't sure what to expect from Milan but we knew we had a big adventure ahead of us. 


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