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Whats an Adventure Series?

So over the past couple of weeks we have gotten quite a few questions regarding our FweshlyDipped Adventure Series. I decided to make this post to clear up a few things and hopefully make more dollars (who wants to make sense?) out of our whole Adventure Series Project. At FweshlyDipped we aim to be about the experience. With our media we want to provide our viewers with something dope that they not only can watch, but feel as well. We are some positive cats and we want to share our energy and growth. There are a lot of people who don't get to experience locales like Germany or even cities closer to home like New York. Since we all know sharing is caring we want to share our adventures with our beautiful viewers. The world is a big place and there's so much to see and do. Why not do a travel series to motivate people to get out and experience what's out there? On top of that WE LUH DIS S###. The FweshlyDipped Adventure Series sprang from videos we used to make just like this. Just compilations of beautiful 'day in the life' shots that we would take while going about adventures with friends. Aside from our more structured projects, we love making videos like these because almost everything captured is in the moment. We get to look back and remember/re-experience everything that happened during a day while at the same time give our viewers a look into our lives and our adventures. It's a win win. With the Adventure Series we wanted to do this, except on an even bigger scale. Our focus is providing you an experience by sharing ours. FweshlyDipped is worldwide! So thank you all for watching, you are appreciated! Be on the lookout for our FweshlyDipped Adventure Series: Milan (I got a sneak peak and it's kind of incredible). Yours Truly, -Q PS. MayelWong has beautiful hair. #LongHairGang

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