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For Those Who Think Young.

for those who think young. from devin joplin on Vimeo.

A few weekends ago we got the opportunity to link up with makeup artist/superhuman/coolest person on earth Devin Joplin and cohort Ton Aguilar out in LA. We first met DevJop (Jop it like it's hot) at a video shoot a few years back and since then have stayed in contact (because who wouldn't she's so cool). Anyways, DevJop (The Joppinator) had this great idea for a video project and decided to ask us if we would be down to shoot it (the answer was yes).

After a dope day of shooting and a short time of waiting this is what came about. Hope you enjoy! Expect some more dopeness from future DevJop(DirectorJop) x FweshlyDipped collaborations. It was a ton of fun working with her and her talented crew.



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