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The Fweshly Dipped Noodle Tee! (Now With 0 Trans Fat)

There's something so wonderfully nostalgic about those gold and red lines. From middle school lunches all the way up to rush eating during breaks at work, ramen on the go has been a part of many of our lives for quite some time. Now instead of heating up noodles you can heat up your wardrobe with the new Fweshly DippedNoodle Tee. It's 100% MSG free! Purchase your Noodle Tee here.

The Noodle Tee features all of the style of the classic cups minus the 3rd degree tongue burns. Stay Dipped in 3 minutes or less with the Fweshly Dipped Noodle tee. And yes, those Japanese characters do in fact spell Fweshly Dipped. We even went so far as to even have our Japanese friend fact check for us. :)

Use the hashtag #NoodleTee if you purchased this item and wore it. We'd love to check out your awesome photos on Instagram or Twitter!

Super special awesome commercial for the Noodle Tee coming soon! 

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-Fweshly Dipped


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