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A Day With: Neighborhood Stock

FweshlyDipped spends a day withNeighborhood Stock, an East Coast collective of creatives who skate, make music, and do just about everything else you could think of.

Neighborhood Stock is a group of creatives on their up and up, blending skate with fashion and music. Jonathan G aka G-Man aka Mapso Pornstar is 1/2 of the masterminds behind Neighborhood Stock and serves as the creative director, manager, and part time rapper of the crew. NateDaGreat, whose tracks with Thor are featured through about 3/4's of this video, is the Co-founder of the yung Stock crew and has a knack for making them fire beats. Last but not least is rapper Thor, a young man with plenty of bars and a ton of potential. 

This new video also marks the start of a new unofficial FweshlyDippedvideo series titled 'A Day With:". We're calling it unofficial because the release schedule for these will be extremely random. Anyways hope you guys enjoy!

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