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Y the W? Freshly Dipped vs. Fweshly Dipped

Why Fweshly Dipped instead of Freshly Dipped? The question that has plagued millions for ages is finally revealed. There's a few major key points (MAJOR KEY) on why we've always been about the W instead of the R.

For one it's been amazing watching people try to pronounce that W, in fact it's kind of beautiful. It's fun, and we appreciate the sincere effort every time. Just trying to say the name right the first time is an experience in itself and we pride ourselves on providing experiences no matter how small. 

Second, saying Fweshly Dipped instead of Freshly Dipped makes you one step closer to sounding like Mike Tyson, who everyone knows is the GOAT. Go ahead say Fweshly Dipped a few times. Don't you already feel your boxing skills increasing? That's because the more you say Fweshly Dipped the more that the spirit energy of one of boxings greatest merges with your soul and gives you super human fighting abilities. So just keep saying it and one day you might go pro.

Third, a W is universally known as a win as opposed to an L which you all know we never take. (Just kidding.)

All jokes aside we chose the W because why not be different? Fweshly Dipped is about not doing the expected. There's so much potential in life to take things where YOU want to take them. You can't be afraid to try something different and just go for it. So while people may (or may not) question on why we chose Fweshly Dipped instead of Freshly Dipped we will be out in them streetz doing our thing and making steps to achieve our goals. We hope you'll be out there killing the game right alongside us. 

As always stay dipped and keep it fwesh!



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