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#InDaSCOOP Ep. 5 feat. Erinn Courtney

Welcome Fweshly Dipped's #InDaSCOOP! Where we get the inside scoop on fwesh creatives doing their thing. In this episode we travel to Inglewood, CA to link up with Baltimore native and hair styling sweetheart Erinn Courtney to find out how she got her start in becoming a master of waves.

Much like us, Erinn came out to LA with virtually no connections but she had a huge goal in mind- to create her own path in life through her passion. Through her hair styling work she's been able to grow both professionally and personally while working with some high profile artists like Future and KING.

Erinn is among one of the realest people we've met and her attitude and energy is beyond infectious. We're excited to see where her passions continue to take her and will be rooting #TeamErinn all the way.

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-Fweshly Dipped

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