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#InDaSCOOP Ep. 6 feat. Khary

Welcome Fweshly Dipped's #InDaSCOOP! Where we get the inside scoop on fwesh creatives doing their thing. In this episode we travel to Los Angeles, CA to link up with Rhode Island rapper/artist Khary Durgans learn more about his grind as an up and coming East Coast artist.

We first came across Khary while perusing our SoundCloud for new music. After hearing his catchy and engaging rhyme patterns we knew we had to reach out. Luckily, Khary happened to be making a trip to our backyard in Los Angeles, CA. He's a very dope and driven young rapper epitomizing what it means to be a growing artist in today's internet driven world.

Hear more of Khary's fuego raps here and be sure to give him a follow while you're at it. You won't want to miss watching this guys journey!

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-Fweshly Dipped


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