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#InDaSCOOP Episode 7: Eman G (Let That Boy Cook)

Welcome Fweshly Dipped's #InDaSCOOP! Where we get the inside scoop on fwesh creatives doing their thing. In this episode we travel to Los Angeles, CA to link up with Bay Area culinary creator/ chef Eman G to find out what he's got cooking in the kitchen. LET THAT BOY COOK!!!

Eman is a self made culinary artist and has been making strides to push his talents and his creative visions for food forward. Having curated a few of his own Pop Up Kitchens Eman is only just beginning his Pop Up Adventures. Soon he might even be coming to a city near you!

Stay up to date on where he'll be next by following his Instagram account here.

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-Fweshly Dipped


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